The town of Westerfall is, at present, the only town within the Barony of Foxton and serves as the seat of power of the Barony. Westerfall currently has a population of 250 people, mainly poor human farmers. This is far below its population of nearly 2000 before the war.

During the war for Braewen, Westerfall stood to be one of the last major sieges of the war. The Keep at Westerfall was a moderately large castle with a supply line into the Duchy of Thirsk. Between the castle itself and the forts just across the border in Kravka Nova, cutting off its supply would be a bloody prospect. As the armies of Guilder arrived, however, pagans torched the city and the Keep.

Much of Westerfall remains in ashes. Rice patties and soybean crops have been started amongst the ruins and in old town squares. The only building that survived largely intact was the town granary.


Granary – +1 loyalty, + 1 stability
Overall – +1 loyalty, +1 stability

Notable NPCs

Cecelia Kessler, one of Archibald Hood’s assistants.

Anson Val, Hardheart’s errand boy. (Hardheart is Turlough Bruin Cananach’s father-in-law)




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