The Mend

The Mend was the year when the Hortulani arrived at the mainland and joined the Structori. Before the Mend, tribalism and paganism was rampant. Faith was fleeting and society was chaotic. After the Mend, society became more civilized and the first towns, cities, and true governments formed.

Years and dates are given as BM (Before Mend) or AM (After Mend). The current year is 1113 1130 AM.

There are many critics to this religious view of history and many are keen to point out that the highly advanced Emor civilization, who ruled the area that covers modern Kravka Nova, Braewen, and northern Guilder, had existed for several hundred years before the Mend.

Dates of Importance

~200 BM – The formation of Emor
0 – The Mend
353 AM – The fall of Emor
752 AM – Founding of the Kingdom of Braewen
777 AM – Construction of the Keep at Westerfall
808 AM – All of what is currently the Kingdom of Braewen is united under one crown.
997-1113 AM – Occupation of the Kingdom of Braewen by the Kingdom of Kravka Nova

The Mend

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