Kingdom of Braewen

The Kingdom of Braewen is currently ruled by King Athyust Adrin V. It was recently conquered, or liberated, from the elvish Kingdom of Kravka Nova.


The Kingdom of Braewen was first formed by King Gould III in 752 AM and originally consisted only of Barony of Foxton, the Barony of Temperance, and the Barony of Dorond. King Gould III’s successful leadership led them to conquer the rest of modern day Braewen and the Barony of Seaport by the time of his death in 808 AM. Military struggle between the Queendom of Guilder and the Kingdom of Braewen over the Barony of Seaport occurred on and off for nearly a hundred years. The issue was finally settled in 906 AM when claim to the Barony of Seaport was surrendered in exchange for supporting the claim to the crown of King Adrin I.

Athyust Adrin I‘s son, Athyust Adrin II, took the throne in 983 AM. His rule was successful, the Kingdom of Braewen became wealthy during this time. It is said that even the poorest farmer of Braewen was plump with fat and uncalloused hands. Athyust Adrin II proclaimed secularism, or non-religious governing for most of his rule. This angered both the Queendom of Guilder and the Kingdom of Kravka Nova but not to the point of war. In 996 AM, Athyust Adrin II announced that the Kingdom’s wealth was due to the worship of pagan cults and he was making the Kingdom of Braewen officially a pagan state.

The following year, in 997 AM, the Kingdom of Kravka Nova invaded. While the Queendom of Guilder was no less furious over the pagans to their North, they would have preferred the Kingdom of Braewen stayed in human hands. Due to internal strife, however, the Queendom of Guilder was forced to watch as the elves conquered the Kingdom of Braewen.

The Tahnen inquisition in the Kingdom of Braewen was brutal, by necessity. Pagan cults were rampant amongst the people of Braewen and only a heavy hand would uproot them. The inquisition was successful and paganism died out in the Kingdom of Braewen. Despite the best attempts of the Kingdom of Kravka Nova, the worship of Tahnen was not a runaway success in the Kingdom of Braewen. Worship of Hortulani was common amongst the people as well. These cases of heresy were handled more carefully, as not to provoke the Queendom of Guilder.

In 1109 AM, the Queendom of Guilder invaded the Kingdom of Braewen to press Athyust Adrin V’s claim to the throne and free the Kingdom of Braewen from the Kingdom of Kravka Nova. The war lasted 4 years and ended with the capture of the Barony of Whitehill in 1113 AM.

Map of Braewen (Highlighted Region)


Hierarchy of the Kingdom of Braewen


Kingdom of Braewen

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