Keep at Westerfall

The Keep at Westerfall is located in the north of the town of Westerfall. While the walls and wood still stands, the wooden interiors have been completely gutted by fires started by pagans during the siege of Westerfall.

The Keep of Westerfal was originally built by Baroness Amelia Abnett in 777 AM. Originally, it contained only a small and reasonably modest living quarters, a Chapel to a false god, and an armory and barracks. It was expanded in 856 AM by the Baroness Miranda Renia II who modified it to its current incarnation and converted the Chapel to a Chapel of Hortulani. During the Elvish occupation from 997 to 1113 AM, the Chapel was converted to a Chapel to Tahnen.

Layout of the Keep before the Fire


Keep at Westerfall

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