Duchy of Kashia

The Duchy of Kashia is a duchy in the east of the Kingdom of Braewen. It is made up of two baronies: the Barony of Enilia and the Barony of Zanosir. Both these baronies, as well as the duchy, belongs to King Adrin V.


There are 5 cities inside of the Duchy of Kashia:

  • Blackburn
  • Hythe
  • Lunaris
  • Aldspring
  • Ral’endas – Capital of the Duchy of Kashia


King – Athyust Adrin V
Queen – Marian Adrin
Councilor – Edwin Quantrill
Grand Diplomat – Chauncy Reed
Magister Hortulani – Marissa Hortulani
Guildmaster – Clifton Watts
Marshal – Odessa Wise
Royal Assassin – Ellen Quinn
Spymaster – John Rainbow
Treasurer – Guy Ratcliff
Warden – Edward Raymond


Kashia was first formed under the Emor in about 200 BM. When Emor fell in 353 AM, Kashia was overrun by pagans. They used many of the old Emor strongholds but were eventually pushed out by King Gould III when he conquered the region in the late 700s AM.
Kashia still carries many of the names of its Emor founders. Kashia itself is an Emor word meaning ‘the sharp bite of a rose thorn’. Kashia’s baronies, Enilia and Zanosir, are similarly Emor in origin. Ren’aldis, the capital of the Duchy of Kashia, still has a surprising amount of Emor buildings remaining.

Duchy of Kashia

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