Barony of Whitehill

The Barony of Whitehill is a barony within the Kingdom of Braewan and sits on the border of Kravka Nova. Its current Baron is the Baron Turlough Bruin Cananach.


The Barony of Whitehill has two cities: the City of Catterick to the north and Kirn Lodir to the south.


Baron – Turlough Bruin Cananach
Councilor – Avlin Acken
Grand Diplomat – Ella Adam
Mile Structori – Levi Structori
Guildmaster – Floyd Avell
Marshal – Amelia Bean
Royal Assassin – Eugene Cage
Spymaster – The Hippogryph
Treasurer – Clyde Campell
Warden – Zachariah Cannon


The Barony of Whitehill joined the Kingdom of Braewen in 767 AM. It was one of the first new provinces that fell to King Gould III on his march eastward.
It was the last Barony to fall to the Queendom of Guilder during the war of Braewen in 1113 AM. The city of Kirn Lodir was an elven stronghold for much of the war, allowing supplies to move from Kravka Nova to the front lines, and only fell after the City of Catterick fell, cutting off any hope of supply or reinforcements.

After the Crusades, Turlough Cananach was given the title of the Baron of Whitehill – much to the chagrin of their neighbor to the north. Turlough has been a strong, if unfocused, leader. His passions receive almost obsessive focus, but they change with the wind. Still, Whitehill has recovered nicely under his watch. Now, the robust military of Whitehill exercises constantly in the northern-most parts of the Barony. The moment Zuriel or the elves lower their guard, Whitehill will strike..

Despite it’s recovery, the Barony of Whitehill has never been able to shake the rumors that, somewhere, pagans still live freely on the land. Some even theorize the Baron himself knows of them. Such allegations are surely false – if the Baron did know, he would be committing treason against the Empire of Guilder.

Barony of Whitehill

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