Barony of Morrowgrad

The Barony of Morrowgrad sits along the border with the Queendom of Guilder and is part of the unformed Duchy of Thaelle. It is currently ruled by the Baroness Kathara Felius


The Barony of Morrowgrad’s capital and sole city is Rak’sayo.


Baroness – Kathara Felius
Councilor – Kimberly Dolan
Grand Diplomat – Aubrey Downing
Magistrate Hortulani – Mavandaria Hortulani
Guild Master – Kathryn Fairall
Marshal – Vivian Frost
Royal Assassin – Harriett Gale
Spymaster – Sadie Gould
Treasurer – Amanda Graham
Warden – Stella Gwynne


While ‘Morrowgrad’ is far from an Emorian name, the territory of Morrowgrad was the farthest south the Emorian empire ever stretched. Now, along with the Barony of Seaport is thought of as the key separating the Kingdom of Braewen and the Queendom of Guilder. Controlling both gave secure supply lines directly into the Kingdom of Braewen.

During the war to reclaim the Kingdom of Braewen from the Kingdom of Kravka Nova, the Barony of Morrowgrad saw intense fighting and nearly a quarter of all the casualties of the entire war occurred within its borders.

Barony of Morrowgrad

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