Barony of Foxton

The Barony of Foxton is the Barony controlled by the PCs. It’s Baron is Zuriel Renia, who has just taken over following the ouster of the Elvish Baroness Maria Dean. The Barony of Foxton is part of the Duchy of Northshire.


The only city in the Barony of Foxton is the city of Westerfall.


Baron – Zuriel Ethan Renia
Councilor – Fulton Irwin
Grand Diplomat – Liz Auguste
Magistrate Hortulani – Gideon Hortulani
Guildmaster – Archibald Hood
Marshal – Lucian Deitz
Royal Assassin – Horatio Structori
Spymaster – Carrie Babcock
Treasurer – Norval Banks
Warden – Steve Eldridge


The Barony of Foxton is one of the original titles that made up the Kingdom of Braewen when it was first formed by King Gould III in 752 AM. Before the invasion by Kravka Nova, it was ruled by the Baroness Renia. The elves installed the Baroness Maria Dean to power following their conquest on what Guilder asserts were false claims to the title.

As the Barony of Foxton sits on the border with Kravka Nova, it was one of the last to fall during the war. The siege of Westerfall in particular was expected to be grueling. The intervention of pagans, however, routed the elvish army and allowed the army of Guilder to secure it.

Following the events of the Barony campaign, Foxton has been shaken up. The populace sways heavily toward the Structori, despite the Magistrate Hortulani still officially the spiritual guide for the Barony. Several families were forced to flee Foxton after the Crusades, due to shame brought upon their families by pagan heretics.

The leadership has similarly undergone a great change. Several of the councilman of Foxton have left, either for the Barony of Whitehill or for greener pastures. Their replacements came primarily from the ranks of the Crusaders, swinging the leadership of Foxton also far into the Structori. This may have something to do with the militaristic buildup in Foxton, and Baron Zuriel’s new willingness to flex military might against their neighbors.



Barony of Foxton

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