Barony of Dorond

The Barony of Dorond is one of the original Baronies that made up the Kingdom of Braewen and is currently ruled the Baroness Ida Craven. It is part of the unformed Duchy of Ironswamp.


The Barony of Dorond has only one city: the city of Ashborne.


Baroness – Ida Craven
Councilor – Marion Beck
Grand Diplomat – Vera Butler
Mile Structori – Carrie Structori
Guild Master – Marion Combs
Marshal – Daisy Cook
Royal Assassin – Caroline Cooper
Spymaster – Noah Cross
Treasurer – Emma Dagenett
Warden – Jane Cuthbert


The Barony of Dorond was one of the first Baronies that made up the Kingdom of Braewen and Ashborne served as the seat of the Kingdom’s power for centuries. While the pagan menace was never as overwhelming in Dorond as it was in the Barony of Temperance, several monuments to the corrupted pagan gods were built in Ashborne before the elvish invasion in 997 AM. Tahnen Inquisition in Dorond was thus very harsh and the people still carry the mental and physical scars of the purge.

Barony of Dorond

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