The Hippogryph

Spymaster of the Barony of Foxton.


The Hippogryph takes great care with his appearance, presenting a very specific face to the world no matter his guise. His ‘working uniform’ as spymaster has him appearing as a half-elf of short build and indeterminate age, coiffed and dressed so as to play up the alien aspects of his appearance in the eyes of both elves and man.

His hair is pitch black, pulled back into a neat coif that reveals and draws attention to his eyes (which are made up in such a way as to emphasize their pointedness), and his beard is very carefully styled into a neat goatee.

His dark clothing is well made, but simple, tailored to draw attention to the sleekness of his build. Its lines present the appearance of a uniform without making any specific claims to rank or position. The only visible sign of his authority is his signet ring, an iron band with the heraldic symbol of the Hippogryph stamped on it.

His manner is calm and reserved, personable without being revealing. He is friendly and kind with those who work under him, but when interaction with people in a professional capacity he sharpens his manner almost to the point of being a self-parodic reference to the stereotypical evil spymaster. He maintains the same mannerisms and mode of speech, with an undercurrent of half-implied menace, while never coming right out and making any direct threats.

No one who has truly angered him to his face remains alive to tell of it, so his comportment in such an event is unknown.


The Hippogryph is a shadowy figure of unknown origins and motivations. Loyal to the Baron since the closing phases of the war, this haunting specter ferrets out disloyalty while cloaked in the trappings of alien ambiguity. Born of mixed blood, they carry the taint of beasts in their veins and employ a shadowy network of informants to do their bidding. He sees all, and knows all.

The Hippogryph

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