Horatio Structori

Royal Assassin of the Barony of Foxton


Horatio Structori’s intimidating prowess gives the Barony of Foxton a +3 to Loyalty and reduced the unrest in the Barony by 1 each month.


Horatio grew up in a Structori Monastery in valis Val, abandoned on the steps when he was but a babe. He was sickly as a child but he grew into a strong and bright, though bullheaded, man. He is fiercely devout to his religion and served in the personal retinue of General Ida Meek in the war for Braewen. He personally served in the liberation of Westerfall from the elves and chose to stay behind when the army returned to their barracks in Guilder.

Horatio is meticulous in his duties to the point of being boring. His blades are always sharp, his armor is always clean, and he is always on his guard. He expects the same of his guardsmen and, in the past, has driven his men to the brink of a nervous breakdown. Although he may have been accused of the contrary, Horatio is not uncaring. He takes great pride in his duties and finds peace in the rituals.

Deputies: Douglas Bell, Conrad Crawford, Douglas Fellows, and Phil Given

Horatio Structori

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