Gideon Hortulani

Magister Hortulani of the Barony of Foxton


Gideon Hortulani’s kind nature gives the Barony of Foxton a +3 to Stability.


Magister Gideon was a farmer before he got involved with the Construct. As Priests go, he joined quite late. He was already in his late twenties when he started on the road to be a Magister Hortulani (Priest of Hortulani). He had been religious before, dutifully going to church, but he was never zealous or particularly devout. He says that one day, while plowing the fields, the ox pulling the plow told him that he was destined to greatness and to join the ranks of the Hortulani.

When the war started, the Construct assigned him to travel with the troops, to preach alongside a Mile Structori and to temper their fervor. Magister Gideon never served in battle nor did he participate in the battle for Foxton. His contingent helped liberate parts of the Duchy of Kashia before turning west to reinforce troops in the Barony of Whitehill. After the wars end, he travelled to Foxton to see the ocean and immediately fell in love with the fields there.

Deputies: Porter Morrow, Mary Ellen Oswald, Viola Parker, and Louise Pendleton

Gideon Hortulani

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