Fulton Irwin

Councilor of the Barony of Foxton


Fulton Irwin’s charisma gives the Barony of Foxton a +3 to Loyalty.


Despite excellent health, Fulton Irwin is frail, clumsy, and, at times, dumb as a rock. He thinks more with his emotions than he does with his mind, wearing his heart on his sleeve. Fulton can strike up a conversation with anyone and is brutally honest with his opinion. In the wild lands of Braewen, his honesty and openness has earned him a great many friends.

Fulton grew up as the son of a poor blacksmith. His father was always disappointed in his inability to smith, even to the basic level. Without his son’s help, his father was forced to hire an assistant to help at the forge. The financial pressure kept them on the brink on homelessness. This lifelong fear has left him desperate to amass wealth for himself, to free him from the fear and anxiety that comes with poverty.

Deputies: Lelia Lyons, Christopher Millikan, Wade Monk, and Eugene Moon

Fulton Irwin

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