Evelyn Green

Treasurer of the Barony of Foxton


“Tough cookie” who fought for Westerfall beside Baron Zuriel Ethan Renia. She is extremely loyal to the Queendom of Guilder and opposes the tyrannical rule employed by the Kingdom of Kravka Nova.

Known to play a silver concert flute late at night while looking out over the fields at the edge of town. The songs are slow and breathy.

Deputies of the Treasurer:
Malia Green, Gilmarie Anen-Green, Mara Ithril, and Serinde Ariendel


As the words of the war travelled back to Woodbridge, Evelyn realized that there was an opportunity for her on the front lines helping to ensure the same tyranny of the elves was not echoed in neo-human rule.


Evelyn Green

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