Archibald Hood

Guildmaster of the Barony of Foxton


Archibald Hood’s sharp mind gives the Barony of Foxton a +3 to Economy.


Archibald Hood grew up in abject poverty on a farm in Elven controlled Foxton. He was the oldest of three sons and was being groomed by his father to take over the farm. When he was 8, his elven liege, disappointed with his family’s failure to produce, ordered Archibald’s face mutilated as a punishment. Now, Archibald always wears a wooden mask with an intricate carving of a stylized face, hiding his hideous appearance from the world.

Archibald’s knack at craftsmanship, honed partially by his hand-carved masks, eventually led him to leave the farm and apprentice under an Idis. When the war for Braewen started, Archibald and his master snuck across the border into Guilder and ran equipment for the Guilder army. With the war now over, Archibald has returned to his homeland to help rebuild it, using his mercantile skills for the benefit of the Barony rather than himself.

Archibald can be bitter at times and hold grudges against those he feels are not doing what is right. Already, Archibald has seen the glimmer of greed in the Councilor’s eye and his objections are, at best, thinly veiled.

Deputies: Barbara Hadaway, Leon Jenkins, Cecelia Kessler, and Josephine Lantz

Archibald Hood

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